Namibia Safari – The Best Time to Visit Namibia

namibia safari

From the eerie towering dunes of Sossusvlei, changing hue in the shifting light, to the dramatic drama of cold Atlantic waves lashing against barren desert sands, Namibia’s landscape is awe-inspiring. It is a country of vast open spaces that feel at once humbling and liberating, and its wildlife thrives in its arid conditions. The anthropologically inclined can explore the culture of intriguing tribes such as the Himba and San Bushmen, and wildlife fans will be thrilled to see the magnificent game populations of Etosha National Park and the Okonjima Reserve.

A safari to Namibia offers visitors an opportunity to observe a variety of antelope and predator species, including the elusive leopard, in the vast and largely uninhabited rocky wilderness of Damaraland. This is one of the wildest areas in Namibia and is also home to Hartmann’s mountain zebra, springbok, gemsbok and kudu. This is a landscape where animals have adapted to the arid conditions, such as by drinking less water and evolving longer legs to help them move through the dunes.

A Hunter’s Paradise: Exploring Namibia Hunting Safaris

The best time to visit namibia is during the cool winter months, from April through October, when animal densities are higher in the Caprivi and Etosha regions. From November through February, the desert can be quite hot and dusty and the chances of seeing leopards are significantly lower. However, the rainy season of November through April may produce some spectacular scenery and rewards in terms of bird watching at several locations.

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Exploring Chevrolet: Your Guide to Fort Wayne’s Dealerships

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Fort Wayne Chevy Dealership – Everything You Need to Know

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Buy Mushrooms in Toronto

buy mushrooms toronto

Despite being illegal to sell without a prescription, psilocybin mushroom stores are popping up across the country. One such store, Fun Guyz, opened last week in downtown Windsor. Its co-owner says he hopes it can be a model for legalizing mushrooms.

Psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms, is being investigated for its potential to treat certain psychological conditions. But while some experts say microdosing psilocybin can help people with depression or anxiety, Health Canada warns that magic mushrooms are not safe to consume without a doctor’s approval.

Hamilton police shut down two psilocybin mushroom stores this week — Mushroom Cabinet and Shroomyz — and charged the owners. They seized nearly $107,000 worth of products including 404 packages of dried mushrooms (2.83 kilograms), 308 chocolate bars containing psilocybin (4,200 milligrams each bar), and 228 packages of gummies each containing 4500 milligrams. URL

Exploring the Psychedelic Renaissance: A Guide to Shrooms in Toronto

But a handful of other mushroom stores continue to operate in the shadows, selling everything from kits for home growing to a variety of edibles and supplements infused with psilocybin. The city hasn’t made it a priority to close them down, and police raids have only led to minor arrests and seizures of products under $5,000, which are quickly released.

In Toronto, you can buy mushrooms at a handful of dispensaries — including the popular Strange Love Café on Spadina Avenue — and at shops that specialize in medicinal mushrooms like reishi or shiitake. You can also grow your own mushrooms, or buy them from local farmers’ markets and online. The Mycological Society of Toronto has tips and mentoring for those interested in harvesting wild mushrooms. And you can find innoculated logs for shiitake, oyster and reishi at Mycosource.