EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa Success Stories

EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa Success Stories

The EB-1, or Einstein, visa is the United States employment-based permanent residency category for people who have extraordinary ability in science, education, business, athletics, arts, entertainment, and more. This is an extremely competitive category that only a very few foreign nationals will ever qualify for.

What is the success rate of EB-1 green card?

Unlike many non-immigrant visa classifications (where applicants are required to show non-immigrant intent), the O1 visa allows for dual intent. For this reason, many of our clients apply for the O1 before moving on to the EB-1, as it will serve as a strong signal that they may qualify for an eb1 green card and o1 visa success stories down the road.

For those who have already been approved for an O-1 visa, it is quite common to apply for what’s known as the EB1 “priority worker” green card. This is a route that bypasses the labor certification requirement, and allows for self-petition.

The definition of a priority worker is very different from that of an extraordinary ability, and it can be difficult to prove that you are truly the best in your field. Nevertheless, we have successfully helped many of our clients move from O1 to EB-1 status by using a combination of evidence such as publications, awards, citations, and other indicators of exceptional ability.

If you are interested in pursuing a EB-1 green card, please contact us for a consultation to discuss your case. We have extensive experience helping foreign nationals with their immigration matters, and we look forward to assisting you.

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