Finite Solutions Creates a Bespoke Home Cinema

Finite Solutions Creates a Bespoke Home Cinema

Whether you’re a fan of music listening, relaxation or big screen movie action, this modern-looking Custom Home Cinema Setup hewn from an unused cellar in a London townhouse has got you covered. Fitted by home technology specialists Finite Solutions – who have designed and built systems in homes belonging to premier league footballers, Saudi Princes and other oligarchs – this cinema has an eye-catching setup that’s not only easy on the eyes but also offers a top-notch audio/visual experience.

With trips to commercial cinemas no longer posing as the glamorous outing they once did, a dedicated home cinema is an increasingly attractive option for self-builders, those renovating and anyone looking for the ultimate at-home entertainment experience. The firm, which has fitted out the number one showhouse in Britain, uses technology from the likes of Bower & Wilkins, Sonos and Lutron to transform homes, including this state-of-the-art movie palace.

Choosing the Right Projector for Your Finite Solutions Home Cinema

When creating a bespoke cinema, installers consider both the size and shape of the room in order to maximize sound quality and acoustic performance. This is particularly important in a cinema room as the walls and ceiling must be acoustically deadened to prevent sound from bouncing around the space or escaping out through open windows. This was achieved by using acoustic insulation and a double layer of acoustic-grade plasterboard with green glue sandwiched between – which is able to absorb noise and turn it into heat.

The room’s 7.2 speaker array, drawn from the Linn Akurate and Majik product stables, is complemented by an Anthem AVM 50v processor with ARC acoustic room EQ system and twin bespoke DSPs. A Middle Atlantic rack and cooling system rounds out the hardware. A Control 4 system was used to provide ease-of-use and join up the different hardware functions. For example, media cues can be set to dim the lights and lower the blinds when it’s time for screentime.

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