Artificial Grass Kitchener – The Pros and Cons

Artificial Grass Kitchener – The Pros and Cons

Artificial Grass Kitchener is becoming an increasingly popular landscaping option for both residential and commercial properties. It can provide a lush green lawn without the need for watering, eliminating costly monthly bills and allowing you to contribute to environmental conservation efforts. However, before you decide to ditch the sod for synthetic grass it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this landscaping solution. URL

Synthetic turf is composed of tufts of coloured polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon that are sewn onto a backing to create the appearance of real grass blades. While the materials are not biodegradable, they are a less toxic alternative to pesticides and fertilizer. However, the synthetic material can generate surface run off after significant rainfall which may cause flooding or pollution. The tufts also contain plastic fragments that can make their way into the soil and beyond, contributing to microplastic pollution. Additionally, replacing the natural soil with sand to prepare the area for artificial grass releases carbon dioxide that has been locked in the ground through photosynthesis.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Kitchener

The durability of synthetic grass is another benefit. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, children playing and sports games. It can even withstand vehicle parking without lasting damage. Harsh weather conditions, including scorching sun, downpours and freeze/thaw cycles don’t faze the material either. The tufts can also withstand pet digging, scratching and clawing without fading or discoloration.

Although many professional soccer teams opted for artificial turf during the 1980s, the high number of injuries caused by the hard surface ultimately made this choice unfavorable. The ball bounced lower on artificial turf and traveled faster, which can put extra wear and tear on knees and ankles as well as the back of players.

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