BlazePod Alternative

BlazePod Alternative

Blazepod alternative  is a flash reflex training system that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It provides a range of drills, tests and competitions. It can be used by athletes of any sport to improve their agility, co-ordination and reaction times. It is also an excellent tool for trainers to monitor their team members’ performance.

The gizmo is designed to be tapped by feet, knees or punches with the option to use other equipment such as medicine balls and boxing gloves. It is highly durable and can take a lot of abuse. It is easy to set up and is wireless with no wires running between the pods and the mobile app. The app is intuitive and simple to navigate with pre-built drills for all sports and fitness levels.

Diversifying Your Fitness Routine: Top Alternatives to BlazePod for Dynamic Workouts

There is a range of pre-set workouts that come with the BlazePod package and new ones are being added all the time. These are broken down into a number of exercises that you can do with the pods and each exercise is accompanied by clear instructions. For example you might start off with a quick sprint session before switching to a plank competition or even a HIIT class.

There are a few worthy BlazePod alternative products on the market such as FitLight and the younger sibling FitLight Jr. The main difference between the two is that FitLight comes with a tablet and grants access to the FitFlight dashboard which is a treasure trove of workout insights.

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