Why You Need a New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

When you sustain a serious injury in New York City, you will need the help of a highly skilled NYC personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. A skilled attorney can help you pursue damages for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, disability, emotional distress, and more.

How much do injury lawyers take NYC?

The best NYC injury lawyers are able to build strong cases on behalf of their clients by collecting evidence such as accident reports, witness testimony, medical records, police interviews, surveillance footage, and more. They can also negotiate with insurance companies and use their experience in negotiations to secure fair settlements.

Many types of injuries require expert witness testimony. A reputable Union Law Firm will be connected to various expert witnesses and can bring in their expertise in the case as needed. They can also provide a valuable resource in establishing the negligence of the offending party and prove it before a judge or jury.

In a car accident, the most important evidence is usually the accident report. The NYC injury attorneys will be able to get you a copy of the police report and include any relevant opinions or conclusions within it as part of your claim. They can also help you recover lost wages by using pay stubs to determine the amount of time that you missed work due to your accident and subsequent health issues. They can also file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf and represent you in an appeal hearing before the worker’s compensation board if you are denied benefits.