How a Weed Dispensary in DC Works

How a Weed Dispensary in DC Works

Unlike most states, Washington DC doesn’t have a legal system where you can walk into a store and purchase weed like you would a bottle of vodka. Instead, recreational weed in DC works much differently because of a complicated set of laws that resulted from Initiative 71. This law allows DC residents and tourists to possess up to two ounces of weed for personal use, while also allowing them to gift weed up to an ounce. It also allows them to grow a limited number of marijuana plants. Read more

However, the sale of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. That means if you try to buy marijuana in the District, it could land you in trouble with the law. To get around this, local weed dispensary DC businesses have come up with some clever workarounds. One popular way to buy weed in DC is to visit I71-compliant gift shops, such as The Garden. In these stores, you don’t directly buy recreational weed; rather, you buy something else, like a token, and receive the weed as a free gift. This method is popular because it doesn’t require you to have a medical marijuana card or be a DC resident.

Cannabis Capital: The Role of Weed Dispensaries in DC’s Economy

Despite these workarounds, the process of buying weed in DC can be a little confusing, especially for tourists who are unfamiliar with the city’s laws. It’s important to note that it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public spaces in the District, including streets, sidewalks, parks, and even parking lots.

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