How to Use the EFT Finger Points Technique to Treat PTSD

How to Use the EFT Finger Points Technique to Treat PTSD

EFT Finger Points Technique  Technique (EFT) is a mind-body practice that uses finger tapping to stimulate energy points in the body. It may help reduce physical and emotional pain, anxiety, stress, and phobias. It is sometimes used by soldiers to cope with PTSD. Research is limited, but some studies suggest that it is effective.

EFT is based on traditional Chinese medicine, and involves tapping on acupressure points with your fingers. The meridian points are also the same ones that are used for acupuncture. There is a growing body of evidence that shows EFT can lower stress levels, reduce pain, and improve mental health.

Step 1: Identify the problem or fear you want to tackle. Start by thinking about the issue that you are struggling with, and then rate how much it affects you on a scale of 0 to 10. This will be your initial intensity level.

Unlocking Peace: A Guide to the EFT Finger Points Technique

3. KC — Karate Chop Point

This is the first EFT tapping point, and it can be found on either hand on the outside fleshy part of your fingertip where you would normally karate chop something. This acupoint is symmetrical, and you can say your set-up statement out loud if you’re comfortable with that, or you can tap the spot without saying it to yourself. This acupoint helps with self-awareness, and promotes compassion, safety, and healing. It is also thought to balance the immune system, so it’s good to tap on daily.

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