Web Design Tips For RV Parks and Campgrounds

Web Design Tips For RV Parks and Campgrounds

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Your website is like a tireless salesperson that works around the clock to turn people who are thinking about staying at your RV park web design  or campground into guests who actually come through your doors. It needs to be easy for them to find what they’re looking for and get the information they need quickly.

This means your site needs to be mobile friendly. If it’s not, people will simply go to your competitor who is and book a campsite there instead of at your RV park.

You also need to have engaging visuals to capture your audience’s attention. High-quality photos and videos immerse your visitors in what their stay at your RV park will be like and can increase the likelihood of making a reservation.

The Ultimate Guide to Campground Website Design: Attracting Outdoor Enthusiasts Online

White space is essential. It breaks up text and visuals to prevent your website from becoming too cluttered and overwhelming to read and navigate. The amount of white space in your site should be proportional to the amount of information you have to share.

Make sure your website is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly by using keywords relevant to your area. Including them in page titles, headings and descriptions will help your site climb the rankings and reach more potential guests organically.

Finally, don’t forget to include a phone number on your website and make it prominent. Eye-tracking studies show that most people focus on the top right corner of a website when they are looking for contact information. Make sure your phone number is there and is easily clickable so potential guests can call you to book their campsite.

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